It’s all about PLAY!

No individual, relationship and family unit is the same and therefore no treatment modality should be either. The work is always tailored to the child’s unique challenges and strengths and is collaborative and supportive. Most often therapy occurs in the context of play, providing a trusting environment with just the right challenge for learning and progression. My therapeutic intervention is an integration of different modalities based on current concerns, all individual needs and your family culture.

Contact me to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to explore which therapeutic approach is the right fit for your child and family. I will come to your home or school to provide ongoing assessment and therapy sessions. I am very familiar with the Early Intervention, CPSE/CSE processes and can also offer advice regarding IEP development and school placement. I provide consultation with teachers and other therapeutic providers to coordinate interventions and goals.

DIR Floortime

This is an evidenced based treatment, but also a way of life that positively changes children’s developmental trajectories to promote their own sense of self, independence, confidence and intimacy with others. Although helpful as a lens for all children, it has become most widely known as an approach to support children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), sensory integration challenges, social emotional and other developmental delays.  I will provide understanding and strategies that will make it a point to capture joy filled moments with your child over and over again, creating opportunities for greater connection and learning in order to build intelligence and social capacities.

Floortime™ utilizes play and the power of relationships to support development. Promoting the parent-child bond creates the optimal environment to boost your child's desire to connect, carry out their intentions and organize their experience to empower him/her to construct an enriching life. By building on a child’s interests, Floortime™ helps to facilitate engagement, create sustained reciprocal interactions, and promote increasingly more complex thinking over time. Where are they now and where do they need to go?! 

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Play Therapy

The most natural way that children process their thoughts and feelings, and communicate them is through play. Play is a child's natural method of expression and a way of making sense of their world. Even very verbal children can have difficulty articulating what’s on their mind, but will express them through their actions (adults included!). This one on one work is grounded in building a trusting, respectful relationship that will provide your child a safe, consistent and accepting environment for them to explore their emotional world. I work at their pace to help bring greater awareness of themselves, make interpretations of play themes and help to create and provide the emotional language to develop their own organizing narrative. They will gain self-awareness, learn perspective taking and enhance problem solving and coping skills to help manage stress.

Parent-Child Therapy

The goal of this work is to foster positive interactions between you and your child. The work is to promote joyful ways of engaging with your child and working through challenges. This will be a safe and empathic space to work through conflict and negative feelings. To have our distress recognized and empathized with is a fundamental human need at all ages! We will work closely to foster a deeper insight into your relationship with your child and build confidence in your ability to understand and reflect on both yours and your child’s experience so that you can both come to expect more positive outcomes.