What is DIR Floor time?

DIR® is a therapeutic approach developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and Dr. Serena Wieder as a framework for understanding and treating children of all abilities and ages. Through this model we strive to facilitate the child’s foundational capacities of relating, communicating, and thinking.

DIR® stands for Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship-based approach. These components are held in mind throughout each interaction with the child.

Developmental capacities will be assessed and supported through a child’s performance within a particular functional/emotional milestones or developmental level that has been operationalized. My job is to find the optimal path to do this work for everyone. It’s important to note that development does not unfold in a linear fashion! Mastery, regression and moving forwards and backwards is human nature at its core.

Every child is unique and has Individualized ways motor, sensory, medical and biological challenges, are expressed, and how they impact the way a child is interacting with the environment. Understanding this and their temperament is crucial to knowing how they learn and grow through their experiences. When we understand a child’s profile (the I) we can meet children where they are as these differences, strengths as well as challenges, can undermine a child’s ability to communicate, relate, coordinate their body, mind and emotions.

All exploration is done within a Relationship as this is the place where development thrives. Truly deep and effective healing and learning can only occur within a child’s significant relationships. This offers the most integrated therapeutic experiences for the child’s Individual nervous system, through interactions with care-takers, peers, and ourselves.