My philosophy

I utilize a play-based, relationship focused approach which holds in mind the whole child and family. I draw from both yours and your child’s strengths to guide the work in a real and authentic way that makes sense in your family culture. My goal is to help you to learn how to understand your child’s unique developmental needs while building connection and making meaning of it all.

Our emotions are what stir us into action! We are guided by our emotions, so learning to connect with, express and manage our feelings, big and small, is all part of the work! We will laugh together, we will celebrate together and we’ll do the hard work together.

About me

I have worked in the field of early childhood for over ten years. I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from The George Washington University and received my master’s in clinical social work from Columbia University School of Social Work in 2009. My work in special needs preschools provides me experience in individual and group counseling services, classroom and family support and parent advocacy. I have also provided infant and early childhood mental health consultation to teachers and program directors, providing guidance, coaching, and teacher training in Carolyn Webster-Stratton’s evidence-based program The Incredible Years. I have worked as a provider within NY Early Intervention as well as the Committee of Preschool Education. My expertise in the field comes not only from my education, years of experience personally and professionally, but in my extensive training as a DIR/Floortime® clinician. This comprehensive model continues to guide my practice. All this experience has given me the opportunity to work alongside a variety of developmental specialists, including speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, teachers, and medical professionals to have a more holistic understanding of this very complicated work.